Oregon City's 175th Anniversary Art Print

SCOPE OF WORK:  Oregon City, Oregon is a historic town that made a big mark on the big move to the West during the pioneer days of the late 1800's in the USA. They were the end of the Oregon Trail and were the first town established West of the Rocky Mountains. Also noteworthy...they have an outdoor elevator...the only city that has one in the USA and one of only four in the world. So, when it came to celebrate their 175th Anniversary the Downtown Oregon City Association came to me to create an illustration to commemorate the event. They wanted to show key elements of the city and show the history of the town. They wanted to use a limited edition art print for a "Seek & Find" in the downtown area. People can only get the print if they find the print at a local, downtown business. 

RESULTS: I did a photoshoot of the downtown area making sure the key, historic and natural landmarks were included...the Elevator (which shows the landscape of the town), the Arch Bridge, the Courthouse, the Masonic Building, the McLoughlin House, the Willamette Falls, and Singer Falls. Also, the street lights with the "Bloom" artwork on them is noteworthy and the Great American Main Street sign reflects a prestigious downtown association award they won recently. All this was included. I worked with them on the format they wanted to balance the size and cost of producing the 100 prints to make available for the public. We went with a 12x16 size to make the image feel substantial but is a manageable size. They created the video below to kick off the "Seek & Find" they are doing with the print. Then they announce the locations of the "Seek & Find" of Facebook. 

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This video shows my process making the Oregon City 175th Anniversary art print.

Unipiper Hazy IPA Beer Bottle

SCOPE OF WORK:  I am honored to join forces with Portland Brewing and Portland’s favorite icon, The Unipiper, to design 22oz limited-edition beer bottle labels for the release of a new collaborative beer - Unipiper Hazy IPA. A percentage of sales from Unipiper Hazy IPA will support The Unipiper’s new non-profit, Weird Portland United (WPU), an organization designed to preserve the unique spirit of Portland. For the beer label The Unipiper (Brian Kidd) and Portland Brewing wanted to capture the city’s “Keep Portland Weird” reputation while highlighting their beer collaboration. It was key to communicate all these important aspects of this project on this single label, and that is where my photomontage style really shines.

RESULTS: We did a photoshoot with The Unipiper in order to get his steampunk look captured and to do a few shots with a beer in hand. With the illustration, I incorporated the Portland skyline and the streetcar to provide a strong sense of place. On the front, he is cycling past the Portland Brewing Co. building—past Brewery’s beer tank and signature kettles showing their collaboration. To enhance the “Keep Portland Weird” spirit, I added a well known art car that is often seen around town. Then, I rounded off the right side with roses to pay homage to the city’s nickname, The Rose City. 

On the back, he toasts us all—Cheers!—at his favorite spot in town, the Burnside Bridge. And the Unipiper does all of this while sporting a t-shirt from his new foundation, Weird Portland United.

In addition to beer labels, I have also designed a limited-run print, This Beer Keeps Portland Weird. A percentage of print sales will also help support the non-profit.

The whole project got an awesome News spot on KGW News here in Portland! Check it out

Cadence Apartments Murals

SCOPE OF WORK: ConAm Management developed Cadence Apartments, a complex committed to providing contemporary housing for community-minded residents. The building sits on one of Portland’s major bikeways and seeks to celebrate the culture of Portland’s past and present through a series of unique amenities. Keeping passing commuters in mind, the interior designers wanted to incorporate artwork onto the building that celebrates Portland’s allure while maintaining a home-like quality that would attract residents of all kinds. 

RESULTS: I worked directly with the client and their interior design team to brainstorm concepts that would highlight the relationship between Cadence and Portland. Three of my images were chosen to be hand-painted as murals on the inside and outside of the building, integrating a custom orange into my work to match the accent color of the building. “Watching Over Portland” is featured prominently across the entrance to the parking garage, facing N. Vancouver Ave. so that passing cyclists can break the routine during their commute. The other two murals are located inside the parking garage, on the sides of the elevator vestibule. Here, various Portland landmarks welcome residents home. I teamed up with muralist, Caleb Jay Maltsberger, to implement these three hand-painted murals. With his specific expertise, we were able to successfully transfer my fine, detailed scenes onto the walls.

Cadence Mural Time-lapse - Watching Over Portland

This is a time-lapse video of the outdoor mural I did with Caleb Jay Maltsberger for Cadence Apartments. To see video of our other Cadence murals, check them out on my YouTube Channel >

Heathman Hotel – Portland, Oregon - 2015

SCOPE OF WORK:  To create a photo-illustration of the Heathman Hotel reflecting the unique culture of the hotel and showing it in the context of it’s community in downtown Portland.

RESULTS:  With a wonderful tour and a luxurious one night’s stay, I learned about the features of the Heathman Hotel: Did you know they have signature suites decorated by themes such as the Oregon Symphony Orchestra (inspired by their neighbor, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall), the Andy Warhol Suite, the Portland Center Stage Suite (theatre), and more? Did you know they have famous authors stay with them while they give talks at Powell’s City of Books, AND they have a library of signed books by these famous authors available to guests? Did you know the gorgeous Tea Court Lounge has an amazing chandelier, a grand piano, and an amazing Russian Tea Service (all under said chandelier)? Even as a local, I didn’t either…I incorporated as much as I could into one succinct scene to reflect all these fabulous features and the Heathman’s prime downtown location.

FINAL ARTWORK:  My unique style was perfect for this special, culture-focused hotel. This commission required multiple images to capture the uniqueness of this hotel! We came up with three final postcards. It worked so well for them, they wanted one colorized with a festive theme as a holiday card for 2015. Then a series of archival pigment prints were made for employee awards and corporate gifts.